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Summers keep getting hotter. Make sure your air conditioner can keep up. If you don’t have an air conditioner, now is the time to get one installed. Call Elite Cool and Heat to learn more. 

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Cooling Services

A properly sized air conditioning system is critical to dehumidify your home in the summer months. Sizing it correctly will create longer runtimes to help with dehumidification. An oversized unit will cool a house but will not run long enough to pull humidity out of your home.  A house that is too cold and clammy and excess energy usage are also common symptoms that your home has an oversized air conditioner. 

Keep your outdoor condensing unit maintained, clean, and free of obstruction is very important to the performance of the equipment. If your air conditioning system is struggling to beat the heat, call Elite Cool and Heat!

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Service

Easy Cooling Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Maintenance

Before you turn on your air conditioner this summer, call Elite Cool and Heat for your spring AC tune-up

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter should be changed every 90 days to improve airflow

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear

Grass and outdoor debris can get inside your air conditioner and cause damage. Make sure your unit is clear

Our Philosophy

Elite Cool & Heat value clients that want a quality job done right.

We only offer top-of-the-line systems and ensure that our technicians are professional and experienced to complete the tasks ahead.

We are proud to be an Elite Airquest Dealer, providing their superior parts and services to the families of Minnesota. 

SecureAire provides us with services and parts you can’t find with any other HVAC companies in the area. SecureAire gives you the confidence that every repair is done with the best parts. 

RenewAire’s energy recovery ventilation system optimizes energy efficiency and lowers the costs of your heating and cooling bills. This sustainable system with greatly improve the indoor air quality in your home.