Thermostat Replacement & Installation

Many temperature fluctuation issues start at the thermostat. Let’s take a look to see if a new thermostat can help.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats aren’t just easier to read and control, they have so many different capabilities that go above and beyond your standard home thermostat. 

Elite Cool & Heat can help you choose the best thermostat for your home. We’ll install and repair it and show you how to connect it to your phone. Ask Elite Cool & Heat to install an Ecobee smart thermostat for you. The warranty on it increases if it is installed by a  professional technician. 

If there’s ever an issue with it, call Elite Cool & Heat

Signs Its Time To Upgrade

The middle of winter is not the time when you want your heat to stop working. Most of the time, you can solve this problem with some thermostat tweaks. For example, did you know that some thermostats require new batteries? Sometimes that's all it is. If that doesn't work, here are some signs your thermostat is on its way out.

Thermostat Installation & Repair

It's best to trust an experienced Pequot Lakes HVAC company to handle your Thermostat Installation and Repair. We've spent a lot of time around these systems and there's a good chance we know what's wrong.
Making sure your thermostat is calibrated correctly is essential. That's why it's best to trust the pros at Elite Cool & Heat.

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