Air Conditioning Installation

A new air conditioner help fight excessive heat and humidity in the summer

When it comes to
Air Conditioners - Size Matters

Air conditioners are not a one-size-fits-all appliance. There are many factors that need to be accounted for when purchasing a new air conditioner, and Elite Cool & Heat has the experience and knowledge to find the perfect sized air conditioner for your home. 

When selecting an air conditioning system we will start by properly sizing your system for maximum dehumidification. A proper-sized air conditioner will save energy while improving indoor air quality. An oversized system will cool too quickly leaving your home with excessive humidity possibly creating issues like mold growth and musty smells.

While we can repair any brand air conditioner, we offer to install AirQuest Air conditioners. We’ve vetted all the big names in the heating and cooling game and we find the AirQuest provides high-quality products that last. 

Choose Elite Cool & Heat To Install Your New Air Conditioner

It pays to have your new air conditioner installed by a reputable company like Elite Cool & Heat. Proper installation is critical to the lifespan of the system. We will never cut corners on installation!

Ask The Right Questions Before You Have A New Air Conditioner Installed

Regardless if you pick Elite Cool & Heat as your contractor, we recommend asking lots of big questions. What size equipment is being installed? Has proper startup been performed? What kind of warranty do I have? and a really big one is to make sure the contractor registers your equipment.

And the air conditioner is a big investment, so it’s important to spend your money wisely.  Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions for more important questions to ask any service technician.  We hope in the end your choice is Elite Cool and Heat!

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